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Why Kadell

Why Choose Kadell Industries

Kadell Industries will execute your Commercial, Federal, or Military construction project with high quality, on time and on budget.  We have a strong track record of delivering Commercial, Federal, and Military construction projects. Over our 25+ year history, we’ve built an organization that has all the skills needed to ensure your projects success. We bring prime contract management experience; a $60M annual bonding program; sufficient full-time management, support/tradesmen, financial resources; and strategic teaming relationships to support your projects.


When You Contract With Kadell Industries, You’ll Get:


Proven Track Record

Kadell has a proven track record in Design-Build Construction. More than 80 percent of Kadell s construction clients are repeat customers. Our work is always completed with high customer satisfaction and typically under budget, resulting in a project contingency savings back to the Owner. We been commended for our quality of work, compliance with performance schedules, and cost control through favorable performance ratings, awards, and repeat work from DoD and civilian clientele.

Know How To Work With Federal And Military Customers

We are exclusively focused on this market and know how to deliver successful projects. We understand your processes, how the RFP process works, how to work with you, how to manage changes, and how to deliver on time and on budget.

Record of Successfully Delivering Projects On Military Installations

Much of our work occurs on or around military installations where not only is there the normal permitting and regulatory compliance, but also multiple layers of additional permissions, standards, and coordination points of the various military branches, base leadership, the Army Corps of Engineers, and their various offices.
Over the past 12 years, Kadell has completed new construction, renovation, repair, emergency services, and design-build projects as a prime contractor at the following military installations: • Fort Benning, Georgia; • Eglin Air Force Base, Florida; • Camp Merrill, Georgia; • Camp Rudder, Florida; • Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida; • Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, Georgia; and • Sarasota National Cemetery, Florida (maintained by Veterans Administration).

Focus On Safety

The safety and health of our employees and the public the first consideration in operating our business.

Deliver High Quality Workmanship

We pride ourselves on doing the job correctly, the first time.

Meet Performance Schedules

We have a long and documented history of meeting and exceeding project schedules. We strive to stay on schedule through adhering to the 3-Phase Inspection system that includes thorough requirements reviews, sample of work inspections, and daily inspections. Each project manager has a current Construction Quality Management certificate from the USACE to ensure that projects are well managed and complete on schedule.

Strong Cost Control

We value engineer projects at the bidding phase to reduce the need for later cost modifications and then closely control costs during project execution. Our cost control system, providing real time cost tracking capability, is the basis for our strong past performance in cost control.. Our team is known for their problem solving skills and have extremely low project modification rates. We only seek a modification when all other options have been exhausted.

Proven Ability To Complete Complex Projects With Many Concurrent Tasks

Our company’s structure, systems, and objectives have been developed to achieve superior performance on contracts that require simultaneous task order activity. Each of the numerous construction contracts our Team has executed over the past few years has involved coordinating the work of multiple subcontractors, and many of those contracts also involved the coordination of multiple, new construction and renovation projects at the same time.
Our project workforce is versatile, flexible and adaptable to the challenges of managing multiple projects simultaneously with rapidly changing program requirements. Effective scheduling, the cornerstone to successful integration of these multiple task orders, can have projects running like clockwork, no matter how many subcontractors or task orders are involved.

Integrated, Team-Based Approach Emphasizing Strong Communications

Our approach, led by our senior managers, integrates the project owner, the users, and the design and construction team (including major subcontractors and Managers) from the pre-design phase through occupancy and post construction. We work closely with the customer and the end users to define and develop project requirements. Regularly scheduled meetings ensure strong coordination partnering with government project managers and contracting staff. Progress reviews are scheduled at key intervals to ensure compliance with the project requirements.
We know that good communication is vital, especially when changes occur or delays begin to impact the schedule, so we encourage open communication at all team meetings. This helps everyone understand more clearly the issues that may have a negative impact on the project and helps ensure successful project delivery.

Experienced, In-House Team

On average, 70% of all project work is performed by our in-house team. This provides the lowest cost, highest quality results. This experience gives our team the edge in anticipating problems, working through challenges, and seeking team solutions.

Strong Subcontractor/Vendor Network And Management

We will provide the staffing needed to complete your project. To supplement our own work force, we have built a vast subcontractor / vendor network with proven reliability in areas of material and equipment supply and installations. We can also readily access skilled labor through established agreements with local labor groups
We know how to manage subcontractors to enforce quality standards and project schedules. In the event that a subcontractor falls behind, we meet with the principals of their company and jointly develop a recovery plan. We obtain a commitment from the subcontractor to take the appropriate actions to get back on schedule. If they fail to meet the milestones established in the recovery plan, we will supplement their forces until such time as the work is back on schedule and the subcontractor demonstrates that they have sufficient resources on site to complete the remaining work according to schedule.

Quick Response Capabilities

As specialists in the design and construction of military projects we know that program requirements can quickly change. We can respond quickly to these changes because of our flexible and expandable organizational structure. On every project, the Program Manager monitors the progress of each Task Order against overall program goals and allocates resources as necessary to respond to any program changes. Most contracts typically provide for 14-30 days to respond, however we have no problem responding within 7 days or even just 24 hours when necessary.